• 125mm MTM
  • 20 AND 30.5mm FC hole pattern (30.5 in angle)
  • Max 3" props
  • 3mm matte carbon fibre bottom plate, 1.5mm top plate
  • 30mm aluminium spacers and screws in selected colors
  • AUW (with the setup below) around 250gr

Recommended setup

  • F3/F4 FC
  • 20A 4-in-1 esc or small separate escs like xm20
  • 1306 or 1407 high kv motors
  • 3 or 4-bladed 3" props
  • X4RSB DIY (depinned) or FuriousFPV micro RX
  • HS1177 fpv camera (or similar size)
  • vTx with angled sma/rp-sma connector
  • 800mah HIGH C 3-4S battery

Where to buy

Sweden -

Rest of the World - DM me on instagram, @ulflindestrom